Email for any enquiries.
Email for any enquiries.

Club Constitution


Maesteg Ukulele Club (MUC) is a non-profit group of ukulele players who meet to play, learn and practice in an informal setting. It promotes the group and instrument by public performance.


The aims of MUC are:

  • To promote the playing and enjoyment of the ukulele among club members and others.
  • To promote recreational activities and to encourage musical learning and development among our members.
  • To hold regular informal musical gatherings every Monday for members to enjoy playing the ukulele in a supportive atmosphere.
  • To perform at concerts, fetes, charity events and similar.


MUC welcomes all standard of players (18 or over) and is open and democratic. To be considered a performance member the individual must have attended at least three sessions.

Membership will cease automatically after a three-month absence from club meetings. A person may join thereafter under the same conditions.

Member Subscription

All members to pay a £2 subscription every Monday that they attend. This is to fund the club and any planned events.


MUC is a non-profit organisation that is self funded through subscriptions and donations.

All performances carry no fee and only a donation will be requested. This is not forced upon individuals or organisations if they decide not to donate.

Where there are funds available expenses will be available to members on agreement with all members. Majority vote rules.


MUC operates in the spirit of cooperative teamwork and with minimal bureaucracy.  The club has no committee and each decision is made democratically with a majority rule.

However in order for the club to run efficiently there is a Group Leader (Shaun Keddy) who will have the final say if decisions cannot be made. Deputies will be nominated on an adhoc basis as the need arises.

Information will be communicated to members on the Whatsapp and Spond groups and by announcements at club meetings.


All members are welcome to attend performances. It is not compulsory for members to attend, it is the individual’s choice if they wish to. For those members attending they must not act in any way that would put the club into disrepute. Only those that have attended at least 3 sessions prior are eligible to perform.

Club Nights

Club nights are held at The Cross Inn, Cwmfelin, Maesteg from 7:00pm. These are informal practices and the aim is to learn and have fun.

The first part of the evening will consist of simple chord structure, songs for warm-ups and to assist beginners join the group..

As well as playing songs we actively encourage general chat and laughter as this helps form a positive relationship with other club members.


Song books/sheets will be available at

If a member does not have access to the internet or a printer, these songs will be available either on the night or next time they attend. These can also be emailed as a PDF to the member’s email address.

If a member would like to try a new song, they shall communicate it during the club meeting. The song will then be added to the song book. If a member requests it to be played during the practice session they must have enough copies available for all present to view.

Any member can suggest different methods of playing a song (e.g. How to start, How to end, changes to strumming patterns, etc.). If majority of members agree in changes then this will become the method of playing the song. In the event that an agreement cannot be achieved the group leader will make the final decision.


In the event that MUC was to cease, all assets and funds will be donated by common consent to a local charity.


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